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What Is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the process in which your website is ranked by search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo in order to position your website is ranked order to customers who are searching for businesses like yours.

Organic Rankings

To rank organically your website must hit search engines requirements, the better or closer you meet their secret recipe the higher you will rank. The exact requirements are not revealed but through experience and research, we have perfected our own recipe for success through organic content.
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Paid Rankings

Most search engines have an option to pay to automatically be placed at the top of the search results for a specific list of key terms or phrases, this can be great for a boost in sales or inquiries however as soon as you stop paying you will no longer rank.

Google Trends

Tools like Google trends will allow you to research specific markets to see their popularity as well as identify sectors that may be increasing in popularity. You can also compare sectors to each other.

Research Keywords

Keywords and keyphrases are search terms that people will enter that you want to rank for. It is important to decide on these so that you can focus your content and marketing towards these in order to rank higher and therefore dirve more traffic.

Tweaking Design

With analytics you can take a look at your clickthroughs, bounce rate and SEO score and make design changes in order to increase your conversion rate on products or service pages that aren't capturing enquiries as well as they should.

Optimised Content

You have to include your keywords or keyphrases in your content as well as internal and external links and video whenever possible. It also needs to me original and not copied, we are happy to help you write this!

Optimization Services

We're eager to aide wherever we can with search engine optimization and have a skilled set of individuals whose skills and expertise are at your disposal. We will help you to build a bulletproof SEO plan to get you ahead of your competitors either through organic rankings, paid rankings or a combination of both.
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Research, planning
& action

These are the three steps to success when it comes to improving your website's rankings. Many people skip over the first two steps and this is often where they leave themselves open to being outranked. In-depth research is key to getting to the top ten.
Planning allows you to set out a schedule to writing, posting and marketing your new content whether its new page content, blog posts or emails you need to make sure it is consistent and well planned to avoid issues.
Aaaaand action! You've researched, you've planned now its ready to strike. Putting your plan to the test is one of the more exciting parts to SEO as you see your rankings increasing you can tweak and adjust your research and planning phases to help overtake your competition and reach the top spot.

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