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Driving visitors

Adwords are a very powerful tool for companies to utilize especially those who sell products online. It allows you to showcase your product or website above organic listings in a promotional box which get seen first.

Precise Targetting

When setting up your Adwords campaign we can help to target your potential customers by a number of factors including, age, gender, salary, interests and more. This allows you to only spend your budget on the right people meaning no bad investment.

Collect Data

Whilst your Adwords campaign is running you can gather data about exactly who is clicking your ads as well as geographic info, age, gender and interests. You can then use this data to improve your campaign.

Identify Target Clients

You will need to research who you want to target with your ads in order to make your spend as efficient as possible. This targeting will depend on what you sell and who you want to sell too.

Research Ads

We highly recommend doing some research into the best times to advertise, how much to spend per click and how to target your audience. We are always on hand to advise you and setup Adword campaigns should you need some assistance.

Constant Improvement

Once your advert is live the data will start to flood in. This data is invaluable to your business, use it to adjust and fine-tune your adverts so that they perform better and convert clients.

Analytical Report

If you choose us to help with your Adwords campaigns we will produce fortnightly analytics reports and highlight suggested changes to your website in order to improve your conversion rate once visitors get to your site.

Give it time

In certain sectors it can take some time to fine that perfect recipe for success. Our team of talented marketers will ensure your Adwords campaign is set up correctly and make any adjustments necessary to improve the chance of a conversion.

Budget, research
& adjust

Adwords can be expensive if not done correctly, set a budget for each sale and stick to it, you can pay per click or bid for top spots so deciding which you want to do if key.
I know we've mentioned it before but research is so important. If you don't do your research you could lose your entire budget without making a sale. We can help you set up and run a successful campaign whatever your budget by doing the research so you don't have to.
Adjust, adjust & adjust! Use everything you have learnt along with all the data you have captured to adjust your strategy to make it perfect for your business!

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