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Why are Videos Good For SEO?

Why are Videos Good For SEO?

Video marketing and content has increased rapidly over the last decade. Sites such as Youtube, which was founded back in 2004, has become one of the largest visual search engines within the online social market. With the rise of business marketing, video content has become integral for the purpose of SEO (search engine optimisation). So the question is, Why are videos good for SEO?

Why are Videos Good For SEO?

Advertising on Multiple Platforms

When you are looking to expand the traffic and reception that your website receives, looking for new ways to market your business are the first port of call. The good thing about making and sharing videos is that they can be advertised on multiple platforms. Video platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo are great sites to upload content as well as social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Embedding into Existing Content

As you may have read in our previous post, blogging is another form of audience communication that is on the rise. One of the best ways to improve your overall SEO for your website is to add videos into articles to make them visually interesting to your reader. This will also provide a back link to your website from video sharing platforms and ultimately increase your SEO ranking on Google.

Indexing Video Transcripts with Google

Video transcripts are a powerful tool when it comes to SEO and video. To make this tip effect for your website all you need to do is transcript the video that you have created and then place the text in the HTML of the page your video is hosted. You can be assured that your competitors are more than likely not taking this step which will help you progress your SEO ranking further.

Google ranks Videos in Search Listings

When you search for items on search engines it is not only listings to articles that come up, but also listings for images and videos. This means that you are increasing your overall listings on sites such as Google and Bing, therefore, increasing your companies internet presence. Once consumers watch your video, they will also be able to easily access your website, therefore, generating more traffic to your business.

Engaging Your Audience Visually

We live in a digital age. This means that businesses and organisations that want to increase their following and overall traffic towards their website and content need to find new ways to visually inspire their consumers. Nowadays, it is more likely that consumers will prioritise watching a video that is around 2-3 minutes for more information than reading a blog post that is 2000 words about the same topic.

Potential consumers are also more likely to visit and return to sites that are visually appealing. When creating and sharing video content, make sure that it is to a professional standard so it will also increase website traffic.

Do you have any questions about why videos are good for SEO? If so, let us know in the comments below or alternatively contact us for more information.