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How Pinterest Can Benefit Your Business 2019

How Pinterest Can Benefit Your Business 2019

If you regularly follow our blog, then you may already be aware of our recent blog posts which help guide you through social media and how it is beneficial for marketing. We have already had a look at social media platforms such as Instagram, so in this blog we will be taking a closer look at how Pinterest can benefit your business this 2019.

Pinterest was first released as a closed beta in 2010 and is known as a visual search engine that also includes gifs and videos. The reason why this social media platform is so unique is due to its layout and structure. Once you have made an account you can upload images or use images already on the platform to make boards which can either be public or private. As with Instagram, you can follow other users or boards that are of interest, for both personal and business use. So, how can Pinterest benefit your business?

Business Account

It is common on social media platforms to be able to make a business only account. This means that you can track how many pins and boards are being interacted with. This can be viewed through the analytics which is provided for free with the business account. You can tailor the account to your business needs by choosing a category in which your business belongs to and also enter the URL for your existing website.

Boost SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

When you are promoting and marketing your business, SEO is vital to success, as this determines the page that your website will show on engine listings. Pinterest is a platform that can drastically improve your SEO as each pin that you create, links back to your website and back links will help your ranking increase over time. As you can imagine, if each of your pins are linked to your site, if a potential consumer comes across the pin and likes it then they are likely to click through to your site. If you are interested in learning more about SEO then click here for our top ten tips!

Up To Date Marketing

We now live in an era which is heavily involved with the evolution of new technology as well as the internet. Therefore, every year marketing and social media strategies also have to evolve accordingly. 20 years ago, when websites and blogging became popular, the visual aspect of marketing wasn’t as important as it is today. The reason Pinterest is good for this is because it is a visual social media platform only using images, videos and gifs. Therefore, having an account means that you can visually inspire potential consumers.

Build An Online Presence

As we have discussed on some of our more recent blog guides, making sure that your business has a large online presence is important for your overall success. Adding Pinterest into the mix of social media platforms within your outreach will only draw more people to finding and using your business. This, as a result, makes your business more accessible to a wider audience.

Got any questions on how Pinterest can benefit your business? Let us know in the comments below!